Facebook encourages you to lean on your friends

With social media more and more becoming a destination for product research, it’s no wonder that Facebook is investing more in features on its site to let users share their thoughts with friends. It appears Facebook is prepping to challenge TripAdvisor, Google+, Foursquare and other established “review site” players.


With good reason, it seems.

  • 37% of 16 to 24-year-olds use social media for checking out items they are considering buying. Social media ranks as a strong second choice and just 6% behind the traditional top consumer online shoppers’ resource, search engines, as reported in an industry study.


  • 2 out of 3 consumers share their opinions and experiences on Facebook after a purchase, according to the 2015 Social Recommendations Index researched for industry organization Social Media Link.
  • 80% of consumers of any age were likely to purchase from a local business that received a positive review on their Facebook page, according to a study by G/O Digital conducted in 2015.


To support the growing popularity of peer reviews, Facebook launched its Professional Services feature last year, and introduced friend-based recommendations last month.

Perhaps Facebook is channeling With a Little Help from My Friends that The Beatles (and some 50 other artists who covered the tune) made famous?




3 thoughts on “Facebook encourages you to lean on your friends

  1. Facebook has become a useful tool when I am searching for a new store or product.However, I read the raves and rants with an open mind because of the unknown factor. Is the person complaining a competitor or a former employee? On the flip side, is the person raving about a product or store a member of the company.


  2. Great post Steven,
    I agree with Chad though, after taking a look at the chart you provided. I am astounded that more consumers don’t find out more about products through Twitter. I personally use Facebook more to connect with friends, but resort to Twitter to follow the happenings of my favorite brands. Maybe I am an anomaly… go figure!


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