EVERY Vote Counts!

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You’ve heard it a lot lately from people on all sides of the political spectrum: our nation is approaching a pivotal moment in the upcoming November elections. It’s true. We may be divided on many issues, but we all agree on that.

What should be as evident is that we all have a voice that we can exercise through our vote this November. Equally as important — EVERY vote counts!

NOW is the time to get registered — or confirm that you are registered — to vote in preparation for the fast-approaching midterm elections on Tuesday, November 6.

And it’s easy…

Registration, or confirming your registration status, should take less than five minutes.
Take action today — so you’ll be all set for November 6!
Start here: https://www.vote.org/
For U.S. citizens living overseas or Serving in the Military, start here:
https://www.usa.gov/absentee-voting#item-37337 )

Thank you.


For those who are tempted to put this off…

November is several weeks away, you say. True.
However, since voter registration is managed by your state or territory, or at the county level, voter registration deadlines vary. (Do you know the voter registration regulations for your area? I thought I did – but some info surprised me!)

Most states require that you be registered from two to four weeks in advance of the election. (Right. That could mean an early October deadline, not very far from now.) While most states now have quick and convenient online registration, almost a dozen do not. For those, you’ll need to take a few extra few minutes to complete and mail back your voter registration forms. It’s still painless.

But, you say, it’s not convenient for me to vote. I won’t even be in town on November 6.
So, what’s the point?
That’s not a good excuse for not being registered and not voting. Every state offers absentee voting. Many states also offer early voting so you can avoid the lines on election day.

Don’t delay. Start by checking your voter registration status today!


Some other voting tidbits you might not be aware of:

If you’re not yet 18 (but will be by election day), or if you’re currently homeless, you can register and vote too.

Voting regulations differ from state to state, but you can visit these sites for more information:
https://www.usa.gov/election-office and


When it’s time to vote…

Unlike some, I won’t tell you who or what party, if any, to align yourself with.

That’s your choice.

But I do urge you to not simply vote in lock-step because there’s a particular letter following the name of a candidate.

Do your OWN research. If you have Internet access, it’s fairly easy these days.

Do scrutinize the source of the information you receive. (Just because it’s on the Internet, it’s not necessarily 100% true.)


Remember, EVERY vote counts — especially yours!



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