EVERY Vote Counts!

You've heard it a lot lately from people on all sides of the political spectrum: our nation is approaching a pivotal moment in the upcoming November elections. It's true. We may be divided on many issues, but we all agree on that. What should be as evident is that we all have a voice that… Continue reading EVERY Vote Counts!

Silent night, Holy night… All is DOT COM, All is DOT BRIGHT!

Yes, it was a bright day this week for many dot coms as e-commerce retailers achieved a new milestone. Cyber Monday 2016 was the best online shopping day in the U.S. ever with $3.54 billion in sales reported the following morning. Mobile accounted for 56% of online shopping visits, another chart topper. This figure represents… Continue reading Silent night, Holy night… All is DOT COM, All is DOT BRIGHT!

Why don’t consumers make that last click stick?

It's an increasingly unhappy plight for online retailers -- shopping cart abandonment. An estimated $4 trillion in annual abandoned merchandise results in an $18 billion loss for retailers each year. But perhaps the most staggering stat is that 68% of all consumers abandon their online shopping cart. And e-commerce retailers don't have as many options… Continue reading Why don’t consumers make that last click stick?

Do we trust the opinions of those we don’t know?

We trust our friends. That’s a given, right? But do we trust, respect, and value the views of those we don’t know because they happen to post an opinion about an organization, product or service we’re considering working with? It seems that we do. In the marketing industry, these contributions are known by several different… Continue reading Do we trust the opinions of those we don’t know?

Facebook encourages you to lean on your friends

With social media more and more becoming a destination for product research, it’s no wonder that Facebook is investing more in features on its site to let users share their thoughts with friends. It appears Facebook is prepping to challenge TripAdvisor, Google+, Foursquare and other established “review site” players. With good reason, it seems. 37%… Continue reading Facebook encourages you to lean on your friends